How much do you charge for tattoos?

I am not able to give a price over the phone.  I can provide a ballpark estimate if given reference material via email.  My minimum charge for a tattoo is $50.  I charge hourly for larger pieces or pieces for which I am unsure of the time involved.  My hourly charge is $150.  I give quotes on pieces when it is a one-sitting piece and I have a good idea of how long it will take.


Do I need a consult?

You can come in for a free consult appointment or give reference materials via email. Somethings like cover-ups are easier to do in-person.


Do you charge to draw a custom design?

I take a non- refundable down payment to draw a custom piece or to reserve a time slot for a tattoo. Generally it is $50, but in the case of large-scale pieces, it run $100. This is not an extra charge.  The down payment comes off the cost of the tattoo, but covers me in case of a no-show.


What do you use for aftercare and how long will the tattoo take to heal?

I will give you verbal and written directions at the time of your appointment.  You can also click here for after-care instructions.
Your tattoo will be done flaking within 7-14 days. This is the time when you will first use Aquaphor, which you can find at any grocery or drug store.  Use for 5-7 days.  You should then switch to a fragrance-free lotion until such time that the skin is not dry or itchy.  It generally takes full 3 weeks for the new skin to grow.


How long do I need to keep out of the sun?

Keep a fresh tattoo out of the sun until it is fully healed – at least two weeks, three is better.  Once healed, always use a good sunscreen on your tattoo. The sun will fade your tattoo and eats up warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows quickly.


How long do I need to stay out of water?

Avoid submerging in water for at least 2 weeks or until tattoo is completely done flaking. Showers are fine.  You want to clean your tattoo, but avoid long, steamy showers during the healing process.


Will I get scabs?

If you clean your tattoo well after taking the bandage off and following all aftercare instructions, you should get a flaky dandruff-like scab – nothing large or crusty.  Do not pick, scratch or remove the flakes.  Just let them fall off naturally.  This flaking will be the same color as the pigment.  It’s just excess pigment and dead skin coming off. After this, there will be a dusty and then shiny phase.  This is the new skin. Keep using lotion to relieve the itch of healing skin and bring the true color up.


Should I use an antibiotic ointment?

No. Please do not use antibiotic ointments, they tend to pull pigment out and people have allergic reactions. Most importantly follow the aftercare instructions given to you by the tattooist you have chosen.